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Chef's Special Menu

Salmon appetizer in avocado with Guacamole and black sterlet caviar 110 g       290
Tuna tartar with avocado and ginger sauce 160/30 g       310
Beef tartar on bruschettas with ginger and soy sauce 100/15 g       180
Herring and mackerel pate duet in apple shell served on toasted bread 150 g       120
Salad with shrimp, local Carpathian trout caviar, mushrooms, cucumber and ginger sauce 70/45/10 g       280
Scottish mutton pie, baked with pastry, vegetables and Duchess potatoes 350/100/80 g       420
Stewed duck breast with a side of cauliflower with cherry sauce in purple potato 200/100/100/40 g       506
Prices are in UAH