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Scottish House-Restaurant

Whisky Corner

Scottish people say: "There are no people who don't like whisky; they just haven't found the right type of it yet".

WHISKY CORNER is the headquarters of Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club named after Aleksey Yakovlevich Savchenko. Thanks to this outstanding man Ukraine fell in love with whisky culture, learned the traditions and nuances of its production. Our restaurant also appeared as the result of his initiative. He inspired us with the dream of our own house for the Club — the Scottish House, where it will be so nice to taste whisky, discover new culinary pleasures, listen to a piper, enjoy the spirit of Scotland, and just to have a good time with friends.

At Whisky Corner

we have built for You the largest whisky collection in Eastern Europe: over 900 specimens from Scotland, Ireland, USA, Japan, Taiwan, India... As well as our own exclusive whisky releases, which are available only at our restaurant and at international festivals.

Restaurant founders
Alexey and Irina Savchenko

Scottish House-Restaurant “Whisky Corner” is open for all experts in Scottish single malt whisky! It is also open for those who are looking for new flavour and wish to meet closer with this amazing beverage and learn its rich history.

We are enriching our whisky collection all the time and for now it's the biggest and most completed one in Eastern Europe. In our restaurant you can find a lot of interesting types of whisky from all over the world, even from Japan.

For all whisky lovers and experts our restaurant offers a possibility to enjoy your favourite type of whisky and try something new and for all the beginners we offer to taste this divine beverage together with our highly professional sommelier.

Chef- sommelier
Oleg Kozlovsky

“Communication with people bring me spiritual satisfaction especially when you realize that the warmth of your smile and sincerity are needed to create the pleasant and cozy atmosphere around. As the result thankful guests of our restaurant who give positive energy and this is amazing".


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Chef- cook
Ilya Ulianov

Fine cooking is our special passion!
Our menu harmoniously combines the heritage of the great cooks of the past, the modern cooking style, and healthy eating practices. We are pleased to offer You aristocratic, creative, and truly healthy dishes at WHISKY CORNER! We enjoy the trend for the revival of “forgotten” products that means traditional for the Old Europe vegetables, gourmet cheeses, and, of course, organic wild fish and meat!

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Vault_16 is a PDF catalog by Whisky Corner, in which you will find whiskies and wines by bottles for delivery.

Concerning the choice of drinks, as well as for ordering, you can contact by phone:
+38 050 480 380 4

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Head of whisky department
Alex Ostrovs'kii

Whisky is a drink for those who don't care what to drink. It's like coffee: there is instant and natural, and both are called coffee, but these are completely different things. Someone has to lead to the history of whisky, otherwise, you can repel the hunt for this drink once and for all.
It is important that there is someone who will hear you, understand what you like, and be able to choose the right drink. This is what we do at WHISKY CORNER. This is a full-fledged restaurant, and its task is to create comfortable conditions for entering the whisky world and finding the one you like.

Own whisky releases

Restaurant WHISKY CORNER is the headquarters of Aleksey Ya. Savchenko Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club. Here you can find 24 original whisky releases, prepared together with the Club’s experts.

For more than 10 years Whisky Connoisseurs Club has been engaged in ordering and preparing special whisky releases. Previously it concerned the selection of original barrels, releases were made together with distilleries. During the last 4 years 19 new releases appeared independently under the Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club brand name.

These releases allowed us to carry out a series of interesting and ambitious experiments on whisky aging. Soon it was highly appreciated not only by the restaurant’s customers, but also by recognition at the Rotterdam festival 2018, entering the top 9 whisky presented there. You can try these releases only in WHISKY CORNER.