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Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club A. Ya. Savchenko

WHISKY CORNER is the headquarters of Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club named after Aleksey Yakovlevich Savchenko. Thanks to this outstanding man Ukraine fell in love with whisky culture, learned the traditions and nuances of its production. Our restaurant also appeared as a result of his initiative. He inspired us with the dream of our own house for the Club — the Scottish House, where it will be so nice to taste whisky, discover new culinary pleasures, listen to a piper, enjoy the spirit of Scotland, and just to have a good time with friends.

Nowadays, the ideas of the Whisky Club and the Sottish House are being kept and developed by the founder’s son Aleksey Alekseevich Savchenko and his wife Irina Anatolyevna, as well as the members of the Club and the entire WHISKY CORNER team.

Aleksey Yakovlevich Savchenko had one more dream of creating his own whisky. In 2009, we managed to realize the idea of the first Ukrainian bottling: Whisky Connoisseurs Club made Bruichladdich Super Heavily Peated special release, the smokiest whisky ever produced under the name of Bruichladdich. Making experiments with finishing whisky in wine casks is an important part of our work.

Our Club in collaboration with Scottish distilleries and independent bottlers creates truly unique releases. There are already 24 of them and they are available only in our restaurant and at international festivals.


Club Membership in 2020

To join the Club you need:

1. Recommendations from 2 current members;
2. To pay the cost of the annual (9 meetings are held) membership card in the Club – $ 1000. Or a one-time attendance at a regular meeting – $ 200, the final meeting in December – $ 300.

One-time attendance of meeting for the husband or wife of a Club Member is $ 125.

You can send an application by email:

Club Member privileges with annual membership:

1. The membership club is assigned his personal place at meetings. This place is indicated by a special plate;
2. A member of the club who missed the meeting receives a tasting set of drinks from this meeting and a certificate for visiting the restaurant “Whisky Corner” for 1000 UAH. He can pick up this set at any time convenient for him in the restaurant “Whisky Corner”;
3. A member of the Club has priority when reserving a table in a restaurant;
4. A member of the Club can count on consultation and assistance of “Whisky Corner” employees in the purchase of whisky;
5. A member of the Club has the opportunity to store and taste in a special cabinet for members of the Club;
6. Discount on the menu of the restaurant “Whisky Corner” – 15%, except for special and promotional offers;
7. Discount on the entire assortment of own imports of wine and whisky by the bottle, and accessories – 10%, except for special and promotional offers.