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Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club’s Choice Allt-A-Bhainne 9 Years Old White Muscat Red Stone, 53,2%

Single Malt

Price for 40 ml: 925 UAH

You can taste this whisky in our restaurant

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Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club rating

88 from 100






Mountain Benrines






Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club



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Ukrainian Whisky Connoisseurs Club rating

88 from 100

The process of whisky maturation in different casks is very fascinating and sometimes unpredictable. Years and years of such experiments allow us to affirm that the brighter and more distinctive was the wine in the cask, the more features it can convey to whisky.

To date, whisky has been aging in port wine, chardonnay, marsala, sauternes casks, but never in wine casks produced in Massandra. For the experiment, UWCC members and Whisky Corner experts have chosen White Muscat Red Stone cask. It is hard to find a more appropriate cask.

White Muscat Red Stone – is a magical combination of words that immediately brings to mind the warm Black Sea, rolling onto the beaches of Massandra, the white flesh of huge juicy peaches and their juice flowing down fingers, the seashore in Yalta, the scent of lavender fields and the feeling of absolute joy. The wine itself tastes like a sweet, but without sugariness, lightly fragrant nectar. It’s full of sun and desire to drink it again and again.

This muscat is a great and unique wine that has become the King of all muscat. It is made of grapes growing on limestone rock with a reddish tint named Red Stone, but only in that year when it reaches the desired sweetness. The wine is bright, sophisticated, rich, but delicate with tones of tea rose, peach and orange. Twice it was recognized as the best wine in the world. English wine connoisseur Dr. Teicher once said: “Gentlemen! Wine of such high quality is disrespectful to drink while sitting”. Queen Elizabeth II also appreciated the Muscat wine, and Massandra sent her a two-liter cask of it every year.

After spending 18 months in the muscat cask, whisky, previously light and delicate, acquired a deep amber color of ripe grape berries. The taste became rich with hints of slightly sun-dried fruits and orange peel. And the aftertaste is long and brings back memories of warm summers and inspires to dream even more.

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